BioEnergetic Wellness Day 1 and 2

Add a little energy into your day with these quick pick me ups!

Breathing Deeply
There are many ways to assist the body with balancing for wellness, and they all need oxygen to assist the flow. When we are concentrating on looking into the computer, or engaged in something with focus we tend to breath in the upper chest and shallow. This can cause the rest of the body to respond with tension. Anxiety and upset can result from this change in the physical response. Just stopping actions to take time to deep breathe, relax and look around, take in the distant surroundings and maybe add a sip of water can change the bodies feelings of unrest. Parting Bamboo and Commencement are two great exercises that can assist with this to move the body into calmness and begin to relax.

BioEnergetic Wellness tip: Energizing with the Figure 8 pattern through Cook’s Hookups and Tai Chi: Parting Horses Mane and Don Yu hands. The figure eight pattern brings a cohesiveness to the system and engages the energy in a gentle lifting way. We have different movement patterns throughout Tai Chi that use the pattern, that are often hidden until you identify them. They always feel good. We also have the pattern that Wayne Cook devised and was shared to me through the Touch for Health Muscle/Organ energy flow system. I use these tools daily and are great when I am stressed or need a little break from the day.

If you are enjoying these tips, consider taking an online class and learn more about how you can energize your day, be aware of what is happening around you and inside of you, and how a simple action can be all that your self-care needs from you!

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