Movement Made Easy – Have you registered?!

It was an amazing first week as Movement Made Easy for the Garden.  We featured the Summer Breeze tea from the Cape Breton Tea Company with a special introduction to the essence of hibiscus and rosehip to support our goals. We were accompanied by the amazing talents of Bradley Murphy as he both played his fiddle intuitively, as well as sang in gaelic for us.  It was so moving and energizing with the movements chosen by Dr. Michelle Greenwell to highlight our connection to nature.  Michelle focused on the power of our feet to be supported in the garden, as well as our choice of shoe, and how we gain energy from the ground.  The movement patterns were so melodic with the music, and a jig had to follow at the end…you just had to dance for the garden!

If you missed the first week, we have recorded it, and we have three more weeks to go.  Coming up this week is the amazing talents of Intuitive Harp Therapist, Brenda Bowen Cox.  Brenda has joined us before, and is a regular in the Tai Chi Cape Breton classes in the summer.  Trained to support newborns in Intensive Care, as well as adults for oncology and palliative care, Brenda’s talents as a musician who can unwind the spine in just a few strokes of the harp is astounding. From the Cape Breton Tea Company we are highlighting the “Take the Shore Road” tea and the power of the blue pea flower and green tea to support your goals.  Dr. Michelle will continue to highlight the power of whole body movement to bring strength and flexibility to your activities in the garden.  She will include deep breathing, spiral action, and leg strength.

Our sessions are recorded, and class members have the opportunity to rewatch the recordings and to spend more time with our amazing musicians.  Please join us.  You can message Michelle at or her new email – to register for the class.  The cost is $57.50 for the 4 week session.

If you missed our podcast episode, learn more about Brenda here

If you would like to learn more about Bradley Murphy, check out our Celtic Colours International Festival Community Event Podcast Episode here. 

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