Are You Dehydrated? Why.

Canada’s Natural Resource:  Water

We live in a country that is flowing with clean, nourishing water.  We have some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers and ocean shorelines in the world.  Yet, in our society, we are suffering from the most incredible illness – dehydration.
 Despite the opportunity to just turn a tap to receive our water, with all of our special filters and water preservation techniques, we do not drink the water. Can you imagine living in a third world country with contaminated sloughs to pull your water from? Can you imagine being so desperate for water you spend your whole day searching for a source? Can you imagine that in our luxurious lives we don’t know when to reach for our incredible commodity?  – WATER.
Recently Tim Horton’s released its new oversized coffee mug.
We all laughed and commented, and then many Canadians lined up to receive their anointed right, their daily shot of adrenaline to help them get through the day.  And, maybe they chose a smaller cup, either way, they spent money on gas to get to the store, time to sit in a line and wait for their familiar habit, and then many minutes of the day to embrace their cup in front of them while sipping away at the brew that will bring them to life.
I don’t drink coffee.  I never have and I am not interested in the message it sends us and our youth.  I am appalled at the teachers who stand at the front of the classroom hugging their mug in the morning while they lecture.  I am sad for the children who go to classes, practices or rehearsals who see their parents sitting in a chair watching and waiting for them, sipping on their adrenaline rush.  I am worried for the children whose parents allow them to embrace the same habit at a young age – some as young as newborns in hospitals, who do not have bodies yet ready to cope with the effects of caffeine.  And, I am horrified that the most incredible resource on our planet is completely ignored for consumption, polluted at every opportunity and sacrificed for advancing technologies in the oil industry….

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