Hot Off the Presses

Hot off the press last week was the new book by world reknowned author and healer, Louise Hays, and life coach extraordinaire, Cheryl Richardson.  The book is called “You Can Create An Exceptional Life”.  I was so excited to receive my little package in the mail.  And, despite having 5 other books on the go on the night table, this one was on top and I was ready.  So ready in fact, I devoured the book in 2 days.

Being so inspired to read their book, I began to wonder why I had all these other books and magazines hanging around the night table.  When I look at the pile I am able to express the words “I am sure behind on my reading”.  I am not really behind, I am just not inspired to really finish the books.  So, why do I keep them there?  I am not in a class where I have to read the book.  I don’t have to finish the whole thing.  I don’t have to highlight or remember anything specific and I don’t have to admit I didn’t finish them.  So, why are they there?  I finally realized that I like to finish things.  I like to feel that I have given everything my best focus and attention. But, sometimes, we don’t need to really be so thorough.  And, who is keeping tabs anyway?!

It’s like the stickees on my desk.  I don’t like lists, because I don’t like to feel that I didn’t complete something, so I put thoughts on my desk on stickees and as I deal with each one I am able to pull the stickee off and open the space.  Do I really need a stickee or could I just put the topic needing attention on my calendar and pick a time to address the topic and be done with it.  This would mean it is not incomplete, but waiting for attention.  What a concept!  And, imagine a desk that was open to thoughts of the day, rather than delays of details.

When I read a book and want to remember phrases from the pages, I turn up the bottom corners.  Sometimes I will write cue words on the corner too.  So, I go to one of the first upturned corners to read:  “We are powerful, creative beings who determine our future with every thought we think and every word we speak…In our purest, most positive state of mind, we are powerful creators of our very best lives,”  (page 29 and 30, Louise Hays).  This weekend I am devoting myself to find the creative energy within.  I am clearing the patterns and habits that hold me back from being free to enjoy the present.  I am cleaning up the piles of “incompletes”, and “don’t really need to look at”, and I am enjoying the moments for being clear and mine and open.  Wow!  Feels like a fresh spring breeze…oh, I think I saw a snowflake…they too are perfect, unique and waiting to be marvelled in the moment.

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