Destined for Greatness with Monika Becker


When we discover or remember our own greatness we transform our future with ease and grace!

As with all the programs offered at Dance Debut Inc., we are celebrating our authentic selves and the joy we have in taking care of the person that we are and the body that supplies us with the opportunities to live and thrive. This podcast episode provides you with some interesting ideas about our role of living with nature. Be sure to make a cup of tea to enjoy the podcast or vodcast versions. Together we create the change for well-being that our world needs.

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Imagine you’re holding a small seed in the palm of your hand. It contains the blueprint for a beautiful, majestic tree. Now, imagine you put the seed away. You do not plant it in the ground, you do not water it, and you deny it the love and care that would facilitate its growth into a big tree that has realized its potential. If you neglect the seed, the potential is still inside, but it remains unexpressed.

Now, look at the unrealized potential in you. What are you doing with it? Have you nourished it in the past but lost the motivation to bring more of it to light? Are you denying it the attention that would help it reach its full capacity? Do you feel there’s more inside that you would like to express as part of YOU?

Monika Becker, of |, shares a unique insight about your goals and directions through her knowledge and passion for nature. Her unique programs help you to connect with your own true nature and, like a butterfly released from its cocoon, discover the YOU that has been waiting to be revealed. Join us for the reveal of Monika’s new program and how she is supporting her clients and students with their own discovery of who they are and what they wish to be.

This episode is sponsored by Dance Debut Inc providing movement programs to create a flourishing lifestyle while achieving your goals and ambitions and enjoying the activities on your bucket list! In the words of Charles Schulz, from the Peanuts Cartoon, “To dance is to live, to live is to dance.” We have so many ways to flourish and to savour our days when we remember to dance through it, even in the rain.
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