The Power of Healing Sounds with Clancy Cox

The Power of Healing Sounds

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We all have a story to tell, and a road of discovery and recovery that we can share. When tragedy or hardship strikes, we must dig deep down, we have to find our inner strength and voice to make a change, to heal the wound, to find the joy and passion to live fully despite the challenges that have asked us to grow and to change. These stories make us unique and inspire others looking for their inner strength.

My guest today is a very accomplished Soprano performer and coach with a long list of performances and collaborations that showcase her divine talent. Clancy Cox has lived in several parts of the United States over the years but calls the State of New York home now. Her journey began in singing when she was 11 years old and had auditioned for Les Misérables. But the real story that brings her to you today is about her recovery from a car accident that left her with chronic pain and a disability that she could not find relief from. Searching for the answer to her healing, Clancy began to explore yoga, and then to bring that back to the power of voice and singing for the healing power that is possible. Little did she know the hugely positive impact yoga would have on many aspects of life. She is passionate about sharing the power of yoga and music to transcend limiting thought, increase ability to draw boundaries and stand up for oneself, diminish the paralyzing effects of anxiety, reduce both physical and emotional pain and stress, improve quality of sleep, and to support the function of every system of the body.

Prepare yourself for some personal discoveries today as Clancy weaves us through our own innate healing potential through the power of sound. We will explore posture and stress release with the vocal leading that Clancy shares.

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