Mobility and Aging, a podcast with Linda MacDougall

The SPIRIT Method of Massage Book

My guest today, Linda MacDougall, is the author of The SPIRIT Method of Massage for Seniors: Raising the Bar, which has just received the BIBA award or Best Indie Book Award . She has been observing, supporting, and advocating for greater senior knowledge about mobility and aging for years. Her decision to talk about senior issues and challenges is changing the way we think about aging and acting. Linda is a licensed massage therapist as well as holds a MA in Counselling Psychology, her experience with many different healthcare positions over the years has put her at the front line for observing and advocating for senior health and wellness.



You can reach Linda at, 1-805-202-6379, and

Today we featured Queen Mary, a creamed earl grey black tea, from the Cape Breton Tea Company. You can learn more about their specialty blends at httsp://

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