Inverness County Center for the Arts is Showcasing “Interactive Art”

What an amazing time to be in the wellness industry. Interactive art with the Van Gogh exhibit in Halifax is highlighting a new way of realizing the potential of art.

Michelle Greenwell and Tanya Levy have created an interactive art project that takes Tanya’s photography talents, infused with intention and movement opportunities, with affirmations. The Affirmations for the Body and BioField deck and book provide a whole new way to engage with the power of intention and movement actualizing. On display at the Inverness County Center for the Arts in Inverness, Cape Breton, their display has interactive activities to explore the power of art on the body.

For example, check out the movement you have in the neck at the moment, notice the range and how it feels to turn the neck. Then take a look at this piece of art for Cervical 7 and consider the affirmation that goes with it:

Take a little walk around, move the neck a little as you walk, then go back to re-assess the neck. Notice any differences in the movement or range of motion? Consider other areas of the body that may also notice a difference.

Michelle enjoys using these cards in her Qi YINtegration classes and delights in setting goals for well-being, using the affirmations and exploring movement while working with the images. This is a great way to support your self-care skills, develope your well-being toolbox and expand how you are feeling.

We hope you will take a tour to the arts center during the display this June. You can find the deck and book in the shop along with other items from Michelle’s publications. You can find these tools in the shop on this website as well.

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