The Joy of Challenge with Natascha Polomski

It is with great pleasure that I begin Season 2 of Be Well with Michelle Greenwell. After 17 Episodes in Season 1 across a wide array of topics, we enter Season 2 with a deep dive into wellbeing and your choices in Self-Care. What better way to begin than with my business partner and co-creator of tea, Natascha Polomski. Her talents for raising awareness about the senses and what is possible is truly amazing, and her passion for all things in sound and frequency to heal the body create an interesting perspective.

In our episode we explore many aspects of the programs we have co-authored over the last few years, as well as our deep dive into BioEnergetic Wellness and the tools that can empower people in their well-being practices.

You can find the YouTube version of the podcast here:
The Joy of Challenge with Natascha Polomski
Plus the YouTube version of the Joy Meditation:
Joy Meditation with Natascha Polomski

And the podcast version to download and enjoy when you can:
The Joy of Challenge podcast
The Joy Meditation:
Joy Meditation podcast

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