Happy Canada Day! Happy 108!

As we Celebrate Day 108 Today, the magic of the 108 Moving Meditation to bring us so much health, vitality and joy, let’s look at today’s topic: The Power of the Group and Altruism.Our ability to gather through the live broadcasts and the videos saved to Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPG1vTQ71ZSEuM2GgmgaDw, in the two Playlists for Tai Chi Wellness and the Online Broadcasts, means that we have ways of being together while still apart. Collectively your continuation of joining a video means that you are bringing the energy of the group to you. Meeting with friends over the coming months to not sit and chat, but to do Tai Chi together will mean your continued dedication to yourself and to each other. Reach out and make those connections happen!Next, remember to do the Tai Chi not for yourself, but for the friend that gathers with you, or the person you know who could use a little energy boost or emotional support. When a group gathers with the intention of supporting others there is a shift in the brain. The parietal lobes shut down, the right frontal lobe where worry, doubt and negativity reside, and the temporal loves also shut down. In the space of caring for someone else the group collectively steps into oneness for the heart felt giving of one person to be received by the brain cells of another. This is known as mutlidimensionality and instahealing. Even more astounding is that we do not need to be in the same room with each other or for each other, we just need to make the connection.Our daily Tai Chi practice has so much potential and power, we just have to create a dedication to it, and a ritual to be a daily habit. 108 Days! That is what we have accomplished together. Now it is our turn to take Tai Chi from ourselves together to a much bigger group – those within our web of influence whom we can reach out to and support. It won’t be long before we are all together again in person to share our stories of success and enjoy doing a set together! Happy Canada Day and Happy 108!


Day 108: Happy Canada Day! Today we will celebrate our achievements as a group to be together for 108 days. Join me for a 30 minute Moving Meditation to get the flow started for more amazing results from your personal Tai Chi practice going forward.

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