Energizing to Balance the Body – our best self-care tool!

How do you keep the body healthy? You provide it with the means to be balanced energetically both externally and internally. There are many tools to help make this happen. One of my favorite Tai Chi exercises is to Trace the Meridians, or the Lines of the Primovascular System, and then engage them in action through the Seated to Standing Don Yu. The Don Yu is an activity that opens and moves the fascia through the body, creates a pumping action for lymph and blood flow to help clear out toxins and increase circulation. And, there is an engagement of the Lower Dan Tien which is an energy center below the belly button that is where extra energy can be stored for use as needed. This is a different approach to thinking about energy as many people consider expending it to get well, but actually, in Tai Chi we engage in movement to create a balanced flow through the body that creates energy and allows for its storage. In this process we also change our breath to become deeper and more engaged, and we relax our body and the nervous system so that we feel protected and safe. All of this with one simple little exercise. This is great for first thing in the morning, when you feel you are a little depleted midday, and of course before bed. Continue to ensure you are hydrated throughout the day, and hold on to those positive and supportive thoughts. Much love as you bring this new tool into your life and provide yourself with the self-care that you need every day.


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