Commencement, Meridian Tracing and Emotions

There is so much richness in the combination of these exercises. Commencement is a movement that provide Tai Chi enthusiasts with a way to connect to the ground, to be present within the feet, to be completely supported through the structure of the body as the 9 points of the feet balance and coordinate with each other to provide feedback to the brain.

And then there is the engagement of energy that happens as the commencement begins. The body brings in breath, the joints throughout the structure of the body relax and expand, the spine begins to play its melodies up the spine as it opens, and the hands make a connection with energy flow. It is exquisite what is possible.

Combine this with tracing meridians to awaken the electrical flow that travels throughout the body to link and coordinate systems. By bringing awareness to each line of possibility, there is an awareness in movement that can continue the flow and engage the energy possibilities for expanding and storing more energy.

How does that bring in emotion? Each organ system has a specific link to integral experiences with emotion. The tendons that link muscle to bone have the ability to transform with the continued relaxation of the body through the moving meditation and release emotions held within their tissue that are used to protect and motivate the body for movement. The spine has different frequencies of sound waves that happen in open experiences, and the commencement movement creates the possibility for the spine to expand.

This all sounds like a ballet or a performance doesn’t it? Our body is so beautifully coordinated and the micromovements fine tuned for possibilities. This exercise provides the moment of possibility to expand awareness and engage movement for its simplicity and its connection. Enjoy playing!

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