Affirmations for the Body and BioField

Enhance your Energy Circuits

This special card deck is for reflection and engagement. The incredible artwork created by Tanya Levy has been creatively combined with special information about the spine, fascia, organs, joints, chakras, assemblage point, auric field, dan tiens and more. It is an all encompassing way to engage energetically with the frequency of these areas and the essence that they provide to your wellness journey. You can choose a card, read the affirmation, gaze upon the photo and set your intention for wellness and dreams. You can use the cards in a wellness spread, or choose a card for the day and keep it in your pocket, in your journal, on your desk, or in your car. Anywhere you will be able to see the photo and reflect on the affirmation. Activities of movement are offered in workshops to help you get more out of your card deck.

This package is 4 decks in one. Each deck is sold separately as well.

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