It’s in the Cards

Games and Activity Cards to Balance your Energy

“It’s in the Cards” is a special project embarked on by our Presentation Committee members: Tanya Levy, Paula Nowak Droog and Michelle Greenwell. Together they combined their talents as a counsellor, retired educator, and dance and movement specialist with their training and skills with BioEnergetic Wellness tools. Co-creating the deck they combined their talents with Therapeutic Touch™, Touch for Health™, Brain Gym™, Eden Energy Method™, Masgutova NeuroReflex Integration™(MNRI), Yoga, Tai Chi, and dance.
“The purpose of the deck is to provide a way for families, educators and individuals to learn about and use the valuable tools that are a part of BioEnergetic Wellness,” Michelle Greenwell shared in their recent webinar launching the cards. “We wanted a way to show people that the more you play with the tools, the more powerful the results and an ease and flow comes with their use.”

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