Day 87: Fascia and movement

Day 87: Fascia and movement. How the proprioceptive system is affected by stress and how the fascia is responding to the stress is our topic for today. We dive deeper into the moves and use intention to gain awareness about the body to provide a way to assist the body to release tensions and pain. Joint awareness is a part of this process, for those with arthritis or fibromyalgia symptoms, this is a way to change the way the body is providing clues and knowledge for us to respond and acknowledge. We will play with movement from different aspects of Tai Chi sets today.

Fascia video link. Check out what the fascia does and how it moves, then imagine what you were doing in class today and how you made a difference in the quality of the flow within the fascia and the surrounding tissue! Congratulations – what a gift you gave yourself in wellness and relief from stiffness and pain.

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