Day 3: Tor Yu’s and Carry Tiger to the Mountain

Today we offer you the chance to use Tor Yu’s as a regular exercise in your day. The seated form helps you to understand where to engage the feet to activate the tailbone and lower spine to assist with movement. The opening of the arms helps to slide the shoulder blade across the upper back engaging muscles that assist with deep breathing and circulation. The second section of Tai Chi continues the same theme with the movements of Carry Tiger to the Mountain, Fist under the Elbow, Ward Off the Monkey and Flying at a Slant. You will feel similar movements in the body as you did with the Tor Yu’s. Expand the exercises to do the same exercises standing and you have a great 30 minute session for the day. If you have a little more time, just add a few seated to standing don yu’s with some of the exercises we did the last two days. We will all be ready for the spring garden work at this rate! Be Well!

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Our Journey with Tai Chi is not be perfect in our movements, but to engage in a learning and growing process that educates our body’s about whole body movement working together, while the body responds to our efforts by finding a balance in energy flow that opens up the systems to function in a much better way. This free flow and balance reaches all the way to the nucleus of the cell where health and wellness begin. The natural state of a cell is what keeps everything functioning as it needs to. The Journey is the Reward!

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