Day 2 Tai Chi Challenge

Day 2: Move Hands Like Clouds and The opening of Lok Hup. Today we dive into the engagement of whole body movement and learning how to move as a unit. We also will be introducing the idea of engaging the internal organs in the movement through the fascia movements that are engaged with the whole body concept. Please make sure to do only what you are capable of and not do anything that hurts or causes pain. Also, if you have an injury it is your responsibility to work within your limits and to only 40% effort. For more instruction materials about Tai Chi please go to our video series on Youtube for Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series. This Tai Chi challenge is assuming you have some Tai Chi background to do the series of movements we will be sharing. Have fun and enjoy the immune boosting capabilities that Tai Chi provides, as well as increased circulation and lymph flow. Before bed, you may just sleep a little better too!

By engaging in Tai Chi on a daily basis you have the opportunity to open the energy flow through the body right down to the cellular nucleus! Isn’t that amazing? So much opportunity in a little bit of organized movement! Are you up to the Tai Chi Challenge? What are you waiting for?

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