Day 15: Fist under elbows, Ward of Monkey, and Figure 8’s in the Tor Yu’s

Day 15: Review of the forces covered previously…Pons, Gee, Lew – (spelled phonetically). Expansion, pause, and contraction. How are these reflected in our movements? Exploring Part 2 of Tai Chi from Fist Under the Elbow, through Ward off Monkey, to Push Needle to Sea Bottom. More with the Standing Tor Yu, Hand positions while seated, and Cook’s Hookups to finish! Remember to work at your own pace and limitations, and to pass the gifts of Tai Chi forward. Today we share with compassion to all of those who are needing a boost of energy for all that they are offering to others in care.

So much fun to play with Tai Chi! Enjoy the concepts you can apply to all the moves and explore what they mean for your body!

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