Day 14: Tor Yu’s, Figure 8’s and Part 2 of the Tai Chi Set

Day 14: Seated and Standing Tor Yu’s, Figure 8 in the Hands and Body, Part 2 of Tai Chi and a little bit of Sabre. Today is about applying some of the concepts used this week and gaining experience with what the moves feel like and how they can be shifted within the body. Awareness of lengthening the spine as well as turning the spine in Whip out Diagonal will help to shift how the movements can be experienced. Playing with parts of the sets will be great as well. Figure 8 in the Sabre…always fun to play. As always, work at your own pace and limitations and, pass this forward to whomever could benefit from gaining strength, flexibility, deep breathing and relaxation!

Thought a little love from Buddha might be a nice treat today! Remember to drink your water, offer gratitude and compassion to those in need through your Tai Chi, and add a few Don Yu’s at the kitchen sink to round out the day!

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