Criss Cross Oh, My Gosh!

In 2006 we hosted a dance part at the Bert Church Theatre in Airdrie, with Dan the Music Man (aka Dan Devion), to launch the music that we co-created for “Stacey on the Keyboard” book. This was an amazing experience to be a part of. Dan is a wonderful children’s musician and his music has been a part of Dance Debut programming for over 2 decades! In this video, some of my Music in Motion students as well as my Dance Club dancers were a part of the video. This includes my daughter and her friends, who all grew up in the studio. It is great fun to see them in this video. The views for this video have reached over 30,000 and I am astonished that the numbers continue to climb. I hope you enjoy and will share this far and wide to see those numbers grow more!

What can you learn from this video? Brain Integration, Multidimensonal movement patterns, Pattern development, song and dance, and increased energy and vitality! Just a few nuggets in one package. Thanks for sharing.

A highlight for me in my teaching career has been to create my own books and CD. Dan Devion was a perfect fit for creating the music that I envisioned. The lyrics were all created enroute to Cape Breton for a Celtic Colors Festival event. I never imagined where that first writing would take me. An incredible journey. The artwork for my book was beautifully created by Jan Mosimann in Calgary, AB and I love how she brought Stacey, the mouse, to life!

Preschool dance class this week will begin to share the Story of Stacey and her desire to dance. Tune in on Facebook for a live broadcast Monday morning at 9 am on Dance Debut Inc. See you then!

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