Before you finish planting…check out this herbal opportunity with Deb Hayward and yours truly!

A Day with Herbs

Spend a day educating yourself about how herbs can raise the energy level of the systems in your body, how to grow and nurture your own unique herb garden, and how to harvest the results of your efforts for months of enjoyment with specialty teas, cooking and seasoning.

Who:   Deb Hayward, Herb specialist from Anamchara Farms in Mabou, and Michelle Greenwell, Energy Kinesiologist  from Dance Debut in Mabou,

What:  A morning with Michelle will open your opportunities for    understanding how herbs work with the body to raise its energy level and support health and wellness, and an afternoon with Deb in the garden will open your knowledge of growing and nurturing your own plants and harvesting them.

Where: Dance Debut Studios and Anamchara Farms in Mabou

When:  By Appointment or during our special workshop days –

                   Thurs. June 6, Wed. July 10, Wed. July 24, Wed. Aug 14

9-12 with Michelle, 12 – 1 break for lunch, 1-4 with Deb


Why:  To broaden your expertise to new possibilities for enjoying herbs and using them to support and build energy for your body.


Cost:  $140 with 2 instructional manuals

Additional options:  Herbs $4 per, or build a pot for $22 with 4 plants

            Western Herbs Resource Book by Evelyn Mulders $40


For more information and registration, please contact Michelle Greenwell at 902-945-2967,, or Deb Hayward at 902-945-2551 or


The true desire of the herbs and plants is to heal the planet, All we have to do is listen! – Evelyn Mulders



The Morning with Western Herbs

Introduction:  How the energy systems of the body are organized based on Eastern knowledge:  Meridians, and Chakras

Muscle Testing for BioFeedback from the body:  The Pendelum and Anterior Deltoid for Self-monitoring or Partner Monitoring

Sensitivity Testing:  Screening herbs for C1 and Ear Acupoint

Herbal Support Protocol:  Herbal Meridian Balance and Herbal Chakra Balance

Herbal Power: Supporting the Triangle of Health – Body, Mind and Spirit

Chakra Herbal Chart

Herbal Guide

Herbal Meridian Chart

Etiquette of Harvesting

“The Eastern Philosophy embraces an energy model which views the body as a whole, including the invisible energy body which is simply a network of energy fields and systems that receive and transmit information on various levels of frequency.  The energy system is like a network of transformers, relaying information from outside our body to the inside of our body.  Part of this energy system is the meridian system, which then transmits this information to organs and glands.” “Herbs bring balance to the meridians as easily as acupuncture or food.”  “Consuming the herbal remedies supports the physical body.  Exploring the emotion related to the herb supports the energy body. Listening to the healing message from the herb offers support for the spiritual connection.”  Author, Evelyn Mulders: “Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory”

Michelle Greenwell specializes in healing and reprogramming the body to move and function more efficiently.  Her specialized kinesiology knowledge began with Touch for Health and has increasingly expanded to include such skills as Medical Intuitive Training, Sound Essence Therapy, Primary Reflex Reprogramming, Energy Medicine, Allergies, Qi Gong and Tai Chi to name only a few other healing modalities.  Michelle is passionate about dance and movement, and loves helping people find new ways to bring more energy and vitality into their lives.

The Afternoon With Western Herbs

A Practical Guide for Growing Herbs

by Deb Hayward


To include a brief tour of my garden and history of the use of Herbs

  1. culinary use
  2. medicinal use
  3. aromatic use


Garden Selection:

Site selection regarding size, layout (which could be artistic in nature), location, drainage

and the building of appropriate soil composition



Garden Preparations:

Soil testing, sod removal if necessary, tilling by hand or machine

Potted herbs as an alternative to open garden


Soil Mixtures:

(It may be necessary to build total soil for a new garden)

Amending soil (as needed), fertilizing




Seed and or plant selection

Starting seed and or transplanting into garden



Caring for Plants during the Season:

Watering, fertilizing, thinning and cultivating



Harvesting and Storing:

Tools, harvesting time and amount harvested

Fresh use, drying, and freezing

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