An excerpt from “Intentionality, Prayer and Distance Healing” research paper…

When we are writing an exam paper and we naturally lean on the table and rub our forehead with our finger tips, we are stimulating our Emotional Stress Release points or the front eminences in a way that reduces emotional stress registering in the body. When we bang our knee into the corner of the coffee table, we instinctively drop to the floor and clutch our palm over the affected area and hold the spot until the pain subsides. When the pain in our head raises in intensity we begin stretching the neck muscles to decrease the tension felt in the upper trapezius, posterior and anterior neck muscles. All of these instinctive responses to pain or stress stimuli in our body produce an innate physical reaction to energetically shift our state of being that reduces pain, decreases stress or calms the body. “What I have learned is that each and every one of us naturally possesses this healing capacity. We just need some simple directions as to how to maximize our awareness of it and focus our intentions to guide it,” (Dreamhealer, 2008).
Innately we have the ability to respond to our needs as they arise. This mechanism of self- preservation is our own sympathetic and parasympathetic systems assisting us in understanding what is needed for survival. When we are connected to our body and listen to its signals we develop a communication that directs our health, our physical wellbeing and our success at survival. Meditation, prayer, deep breathing and relaxation exercises allow us to go inside of ourselves and to really be able to listen to our body. This connection is our way of being present with our innate knowledge and of using it to our full advantage. And, our instincts provide us with responses that continue to support this internal potential for self -care. How we take care of ourselves then follows our intentions. ” (from Michelle’s latest research paper on Intentionality, Prayer and Distance Healing – March 2015)

What are your intentions for self care? Do you take time to listen to your body? Do you understand the messages your body is sending out? How do you listen? What tools do you have to support the body and respond to its requests? Do you have a plan of action for self care and healing? Are you following your plan and supporting your needs? Do you give in to self gratifying gestures that are “feel good” solutions, or are you really planning and responding to the body’s needs, (i.e. chocolate, wine, late nights, watching tv to relax, instead of nutritional support, hydration, rest and exercise to still the mind and coordinate the body). How do you change the habits? When is it time to change? How long do you plan to stay in your present pattern that is not supporting you? All good questions to ponder. Continue to check back for the latest tools, workshops, videos, manuals, apps and more being enthusiastically created at Dance Debut Inc.

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