21 Days of Introduction to Tai Chi

Just taking a look at the peacefulness in this photo, one longs for the days of summer and time at the beach.  Practicing Tai Chi is like having a day at the beach whenever you practice.  The calm and slow movements have incredible power in them.  The ancient art and practice of Tai Chi is full of little surprises about how movement is powered, how flexibility is gained through letting go, how strength is spiraled through the body, how deep breath energizes the system, how eye movements in the set can refocus the eyes, how meditation is accomplished through movement.  Are you beginning to get the picture.  Tai Chi doesn’t look like there is too much going on, but when you dive into its power and depth, there is a whole incredible world of learning to discover and grow with.  Join me for 21 days as I introduce you to the  magic of Tai Chi, and the power that is waiting for you if you just take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy.  You will find the broadcast on Qi YINtegration on Facebook.  If you miss the live version, check in later in the day to enjoy a replay.  And, of course, please share it with friends and family who could benefit – we hope that this information can go far and wide to help others looking for ways to enhance their health, wellness and joy in living!

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