World Healing Day Celebrations

Port Hawkesbury


Christy’s Look Off


Edith and Michelle in Judique


Port Hood




Mabou bunch – from both ends of the tour!

What a fabulous day of celebrating!  Despite the snow squalls and the cold temperatures, it was warm on the inside!  Here are a few picks of the day.  Belle Cote had 12 participants, Port Hawksbury had 8 participants, Christy’s Look off had 4 freezing and smiling participants, Judique had 7 participants, Port Hood had 7 participants and Mabou had 12 participants.  We shared several different techniques between Moy Tai Chi, Dayan Qi Gong, and Shen Qi Gong.  Some people participated in 108 moves for the first time.  Thanks everyone for all the fun:)

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