Why should I muscle test?

The K.E.Y. to getting the most out of your Qi YINtegration knowledge is to apply the tool of Muscle Testing! How we take care of ourselves often includes a running dialogue in our head of why things are the way they are, or how they need to be. Sometimes we are in the way of ourselves and we are the reason that we are being held back.

When you apply the simple techniques for muscle testing you get out of your head, and you begin to listen to the body. For many of us we have been ignoring signals for a long time. For example: The pain in our toe was not heard, so our body created a pain in the foot, and when we still weren’t listening the muscles in the lower leg cramped up so that walking was difficult. But now we can’t walk so we look for a reason or a title (arthritis, gout, plantar fasciitis, bad shoes). What we have not searched for was what would assist the body to change the pattern and the pain. That is why we use muscle testing. It is a tool for listening. A way to get out of the head and get into action for assisting.

The tools in Qi YINtegration are very simple:
1. Foot Rub
2. Hand Rub
3. Breathing
4. Sitting
5. Standing
6. Spine Rotation
7. Stairs
8. No Effort
9. Injury Recall

Which one will assist? Which tool should be used first? How long or how many reps are required? Simple questions answered with a quick muscle test.

If you are not sure how to muscle test, please read the attached write up from the Qi YINtegration handbook: Click here to open the .pdf document

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