Video Series Released!!!

Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series

Official Press Release:  October 2019

Yvonne and Doug Waines, along with Michelle Waines Greenwell are pleased to announce the release of their Seated Form Video Series.

Releasing one video per week, they have over 30 weeks to share special topics, techniques, and exercises with you.

How can Tai Chi benefit you?

Are you looking for fluid motion in your movement?  More strength in your action?  Greater flexibility in your stretches? Perhaps you have observed your posture in the mirror and would like to straighten up and be taller, release tight neck muscles from working at a computer, or release tension in your lower back.  Have you been challenged with inadequate sleep? Are you living with a lot of stress?  Perhaps you are looking to deepen your resting breathe or change how you deal with stress.  All of these ideas can be addressed through Tai Chi.

How will your movement change with Tai Chi?

Enjoy the benefits of learning more about whole body movement, engaging and grounding through the feet, creating fluid motion in everyday activities and recreation, and how to change movement patterns that may not be working well for you now.

Self-Care tools for your personal growth

Often referred to as “Meditation in Motion”, this series is a way to change how you take care of yourself.  It is providing you with the opportunity to explore new ways of moving, addressing pattern challenges that are causing pain or discomfort.  With easy to follow instructions this is the chance for you to become engaged in a self-responsibility model that educates you, engages you and inspires you to do something different so you can gain something different.

Where can you find the Series?

You can find the video series for FREE on Youtube:  “Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series.”  You can also learn more about Tai Chi both the standing and seated form on our Facebook page too!

Tai Chi Wellness and the Seated Form Series

Providing you with self-care, energy, vitality and joy in how you move!

To book a workshop, retreat or class with us, please send a message to, with Tai Chi Wellness in the subject line. 

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