Understanding our Specialized Kinesiology in new terms.

Hello Everyone!  Over the last two months I have been deeply embedded in the Ontario Health Act of 2007 which took away our modalities right to use the word “Kinesiology”.  We thought that by referring to ourselves as Specialized Kinesiology we would be able to differentiate ourselves from the academic kinesiology.  However, this is not true, and the movement is to have Academic Kinesiology go through the health acts of each province and declare the academic world the only right to use the name kinesiology in any shape or form.  In order to comply with the law, CanASK has been working diligently for weeks to become compliant with the law and make a change that is not only important for Ontario practitioners but for everyone across the country as the laws change.  I have written two articles that will assist with understanding how we got there, and the changes that are before us.  If you are a member of CanASK you will have received the documents with many others of significance.  If you are not a member, I wanted to keep you updated so you know what is being worked on and how things may change in the coming months for terminology and definitions.  We have a members meeting on Tuesday coming that will begin the process of determining names, and this will continue in the coming months.  For now we are trying to get a new name for CanASK so we can get a new URL and get the website up and running.  The rest will follow.  I am very excited about this project because we were using terminology that no longer really defined us correctly even in our own domain.  These thought provoking activities will help direct us into understanding the science and ability of our tools to change the entire body and systems with the modalities we practice.  As ever, I am so thrilled to do Touch for Health and Qi YINtegartion because they are part of such an incredibly brilliant knowledge that puts the tools for self-care in our own hands, and it is an approach that influences our whole body and being.  There will be more information coming, but put on a cup of tea and enjoy the read.  Thanks as always for being on this incredible voyage.

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