Touch For Health 1 & 2

Touch for Health Level 1

Using the official textbook by Dr. John Thie, an Applied Kinesiologist and Chiropractor, this level learns how to muscle test one muscle from each of the 14 meridians: Supraspinatus, Teres Major, Pectoralis Major Clavicular, Latissimus Dorsi, Quadriceps, Peroneus, Psoas, Gluteus Medius, Teres Minor, Anterior Deltoid, Pectoralis Major Sternal, Anterior Serratus, Fascia Lata.

Using a balance as you go procedure the body is balanced using Neurovascular Holding Points, Neurolymphatic Reflex Points, Meridian Tracings, Origin/Insertion technique and the Spinal Reflex Point.  Accurate muscle testing is achieved with an introduction to prechecks, hydration, and challenges.  Further techniques such as Emotional Stress Release, Strengthening with Foods, Cross Crawls, Visual Inhibition, Auricular exercises, Surrogate testing, Simple pain releasers, Posture awareness, and Goal Setting.  The full course is a minimum of 15 hours.

$400 includes the Touch for Health Textbook, a one year subscription to the CanASK newsletter, and the International Kinesiology College Certificate.  CEU’s are available.

Students also become part of The KEY to Health Touch for Health Team on Facebook to stay connected with each other, and to stay updated on the latest details in Specialized Kinesiology.  Practice sessions may happen through the year when students wish to connect more and work on their muscle testing techniques.

Touch for Health Level 2

After a review of the details from Level 1 for any clarification needed, students accelerate their skills into 14 more muscles:  Neck Flexors, Brachioradialis, Middle and Lower Trapezius, Rectus Abdominus, Sacrospinalis, Iliacus, Adductors, Piriformis, Sartorius, Polpiteus, Rhomboids, Middle Deltoid, Quadratus Lumborum.  Circuit locating is introduced to more accurately choose the correct activation point.  Further techniques include Golgi/Sindle Proprioceptors, Acupressure Holding Points, Alarm Points, Balance using the Wheel, Law of the 5 Elements, Food Testing, ESR for Future Performance, Meridian Massage, Meridian Walking, Cerebrospinal Technique, Cross Crawl Integration, Time of Day Balance.  The full course is a minimum of 15 hours.

$375 includes the International Kinesiology College Certificate.  CEU’s are available.

Payment: $100 deposit/level non-refundable, with balance due at the start of the course.
Referral discount: 10%/person. CanAsk Members: 10% discount. Repeat any level for 50% discount.