Qi YINtegration

Qi YINtegration is an incredible new health program, created by Michelle Greenwell, introducing people to the power of their own energy, how to cultivate more and how to move the body easily, with fluidity and with strength.
“Qi” is the energy that runs through everyone and creates the power to run, swim, walk, dance and more as we find ways to move into health with energy and vitality.
“YINtegration is the balance of energy that is created in the body and that is expended. When everything is in balance we feel well, we move with ease, and we have the creativity, enthusiasm and cheer to enjoy all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

This program is an introduction to the most basic movement ideas that build our energy. We will be analyzing our sitting, standing, breathing, turning and strength with movement. The program launch is a very special opportunity to learn the background behind the exercises, to personally assess the energy levels in your body and assess the physical challenges faced by your body.
Michelle will be focusing her attention to personal needs of the students in this session and will share her wealth of knowledge to assist with building fun and easy ways to stay active and move.
For those who have not experienced a private session with Michelle, this is the next best thing to personal care. For those working with physiotherapy exercises, this will enhance what you may or may not already be doing.

Sore knees, weak muscles, imbalanced muscles, tension, fear, physical limitations, emotional challenges. We are looking for everyone and anyone with something they would like to change about their ability to move and build energy.
All are welcome and all abilities will find a place! If it is hard for you to get out, bring a friend and inspire each other together. Sitting exercises and specific health challenges will be addressed so don’t think you “can’t” – because you can!
Please wear comfortable clothes and socks (or flat shoes if they are necessary), bring a water bottle, a notebook and a pen.

Michelle Greenwell’s background includes over 3 decades of Dance, Tai Chi and Complementary and Integrative Health techniques . She completed her doctoral work at Akamai University in February of 2023, and has her Raising BioEnergetic Awareness Module A and B courses available for graduate credits.  Qi YINtegration has been many years in creation, and has thousands of years behind its roots in Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and of course, Dance!

Take advantage of this special offer to work in a focused way with Michelle, and make a significant change in the way your body walks forward into its future!

Qi YINtegration: Set 1 Introduction

Evaluate posture, sitting, movement and optimizing the way the body coordinates and functions.
This course includes a specialized Handbook, Videos and Power Points for all of the exercises.


Qi YINtegration: Set 2

Understanding the Energy Field and how to access the Energy you want! Utilizing a comprehensive energy assessment, this course explores the concepts of intention, coordination of brain and body, the status of the chakras, auric field, hara line and more. This course includes Handouts specific to each new technique.


Qi YINtegration: Set 3

Color, there is a depth of knowledge explored with this set that brings knowledge to the core for the body and the mind. This course Includes Handouts, Videos and the use of the Sound Essences.


Qi YINtegration: The Endocrine System – 2024 Winter Session

This special program will be on Saturday mornings from 9:30 – 10:45 am Atlantic, in-person or online, and will explore awareness and movement options to support the full Endocrine System, Glands, Hormones, the Brain, and Whole Body Movement.  No experience is necessary to join this session, but you are encouraged to have both the Affirmations for the Body and BioField deck and the It’s in the Cards deck to explore and practice through the week.  These can be found in the shop on page 2 of the merchandise. To register for this class, please email Michelle at info@dancedebut.com with your intention.  Payments can be made by e-transfer.  Class begins January 27th and runs until March 16th.