Touch for Health Workshops in January

Touch For Health is a specialized form of kinesiology based on the systems used by chiropractors, as developed from such sources as eastern medicine, acupuncture points, meridian energy lines etc. It can be used on oneself, family and friends to balance the muscles in the body, prevent injury and assist in recovery. It’s great for sports enthusiasts, those people dealing with learning or mobility difficulties, and more.


The Touch For Health system is based on 4 main principles:


Muscle Balancing:  Energy pathways in the body are related to specific muscles and meridians, as well as organs. Using light-touch muscle testing, muscles that are found to be weak are strengthened using techniques from acupressure, massage, and Chinese meridian theory. The information gained from the muscle testing allows the Specialized Kinesiologist to determine the integrity of the meridian, the muscle or the organ.


Brain Integration:  Using switch-on points for the eyes, ears, coordination and the body, kinesiology assists in coordinating the muscles and the brain for optimum learning on the same goal.


Emotional Stress Release:  The most valuable tool you can provide yourself with, is the ability to quickly and easily de-stress a situation. Stress release techniques may include “emotional balancing, affirmations, visualization, massage techniques and movement exercises” (CanAsk Directory). Once emotions have been diffused in a situation, creative approaches to problem solving, past trauma and set patterns can be re-evaluated.


Food Sensitivity Training:  Utilizing kinesiology techniques, food sensitivities can be detected and the body can be monitored to determine how the body is coping with specific foods. This work can be very beneficial for children’s diets, pet’s diets, allergies, skin disturbances etc.


Level 1:  Sunday, January 12 and 26  9-5              $275 including textbook, handouts and CANASK registration and one year                                                                                                                                        membership

Level 2:  Sunday, February 9 and 23                      $250 includes handouts and CANASK registration


To preregister call Michelle Greenwell at 902-945-2967  or email to  Check us out on!

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