Touch for Health Hangouts for August

July has been an awesome month for Hangouts. We explored the 14 Muscle Balance and some of the fantastic ways that it supports the body being in balance and functioning with ease, as well as Visual Inhibition and the role that the eyes can have on muscles and system functioning, as well as how the muscle function and system functioning can affect the eyes. So many wonderful ways to learn and then apply these new realizations into other aspects of your life and balancing.

Join us in August for this stellar list of online forums:

August 7 – TFH Student Hangout – How to explain Touch for Health techniques. 12 – 1 pm Atlantic

August 14 – TFH Student Hangout – Terminology used in Touch for Health. 12 – 1 pm Atlantic

August 21 – TFH Student Hangout – The Value of Hydration in the Precheck for a Balance

All hangouts are $15 Canadian and can be prepaid through etransfer or paypal to secure your spot at the forum. There is a limit of 6 participants per hangout…don’t miss your spot at the table!

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