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Have you ever wanted to understand how to keep your energy flowing throughout the day? How about more strength in your legs while walking? What about balancing the muscles so that you walk with ease and relaxation in the joints? Have you heard about Chinese Medicine but were nervous about asking more questions? Have you had a pain that just wouldn’t go away and it kept you up at night? Any challenges going to sleep and staying asleep?

These are just a bit of what Touch for Health can assist with. Touch for Health is a muscle balancing system that is based on the 5 Element Theory from Chinese Medicine. The general premise about the body is that energy flows in a specific pattern throughout our day and night, and if there is a block anywhere the flow is diminished or blocked and pain results, or a movement challenge, or a cramp, or an emotional shift…I think you are getting the picture.

I was introduced to Touch for Health at a time when my body was getting tighter and tighter and the pain was keeping me from enjoying my passion for dance. With a few simple rubs on the body and tracing a line over the body I could be pain free, I could have more stamina, I could fall asleep with ease, I could dance again. And it was so simple.

If you would like to learn more about Touch for Health you can check out the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiologists at for a global awareness, or you can join one of our local classes and bring the tools directly to your finger tips. We have several students accomplishing level 4 material on a weekly basis, and we are looking for more people to begin to change their own lives, as well as the lives of family members and friends. Here is the schedule…

Mondays: Belle Cote Community Hall Touch for Health Level 4 9 – 10 am and Level 1 12:30 – 1:30 pm Sept 25 – Nov 27, and Jan 8 – Mar 12. The cost is $92 per session.

Touch for Health Level 1 Weekend Workshop: Sunday, November 26th 9 – 5 pm and Sunday, December 3rd 9 – 5 pm. The cost is $275 and includes the complete Touch for Health textbook, the electronic handouts, the certificate of completion, a one year membership to the CanASK association, and 2 full days of concentrated work. Preregistration is required prior to October 15th to order the textbooks.

Touch for Health Level 4 Weekend Workshop: November and December dates TBA based on registration. Cost: $225.

For more information check out the class descriptions on this website.

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