The First Day of Class – Inspirational!

Every year I have faced the new schedule of dance and Tai Chi classes with excitement and possibility.  It has been the most incredible summer for weather, healing and accomplishments.  I feel rested, rejuvenated, inspired and ready for a fun packed Fall of classes.  The registration for this morning’s class had 2 students.  One of the students felt so bad that my time was wasted.  I looked into the eyes of my eager and thankful student, and assured her that there is no class that is wasted when a student is present.  Because the class was small we decided to change the course of material to suit the needs of the two students a little more personally than a generic Tai Chi class.  We began with a new technique that I studied over the summer – Matrix Energetics – (you can find this at  Through this technique we were able to reduce excrutiating pain on a healing broken pelvis.  We realigned a spine that had become twisted as a result of numerous falls, and then we improved the function of tendons through various regions in the body to open up the possibility for flexibility and strength.  We did Tai Chi from a chair as this was more comfortable for the one student, and we learned more about our spine than is possible when in a standing position.  The energy grew as the class progressed, and after an hour and a half of personalized attention, we emerged from class, all of us, with new bodies to explore and expand with possibility.  I am so blessed by the students who take a chance on learning more and finding new ways to honor their bodies.  I learn, they learn and we all grow and heal in such beautiful ways.

If you or someone you know has been thinking about taking a class, or has been talking too long about aches and complaints, mention the class possibilities this season.  There are incredible changes possible, and health is just a class away!

For a full schedule, scroll through the posts to Inverness County Programs, and check the Participaper.

Thank you to my two wonderful students who inspired me this morning.  I am so happy to be able to share my skills in such a positive and meaningful way.  Bring on the rest of this incredible week.

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