Tai chi – Tor Yu and the Psoas Muscle

Facebook live on Friday was a deep dive into the fantastic possibilities of the opening sequence of Tai Chi.

Today we will be learning a little more about the role of the Psoas muscle and our daily activities. The ability to release and coordinate this muscle with whole body movement can release tensions and anxiety throughout the systems. We will review the Tor Yu, and the first few moves from the Tai Chi set. For more information and to create a daily practice be sure to find the videos on YouTube in the playlists for Tai Chi Wellness and the online classes that have been shared. Your dedication to making self-care a daily practice will benefit you by multiplying in changes as the days go by.#taichiwellness#taichi#qigong#canbewell#taichicapebreton#winecountrytaichisociety#wellness#hearthealth#circulation#breathing#stressrelease#replay#seatedexercise#seatedtaichi


Judique Hall

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