Tai Chi Cape Breton Fall Newsletter

Welcome to a new season with Tai Chi Cape Breton! We are excited with all the planning underway for the education and development of our Tai Chi skills for the 2019 -2020 season. Check out what is coming up!
Our 9th Year Annual Fall Workshops begin Monday August 26th to Thursday, September 4th!!! See the full listing on the workshop form also attached. This is a great time for beginners to join, and for new Tai Chi’ers to learn the sets 😊

The week of September 9th let’s share the

Share your passion for all things wonderful in Tai Chi by bringing a friend or two with you to class. Be a part of the campaign to reach out to those who could benefit from learning some simple techniques in our classes. This is a FREE session for “Buddies”!

September 23rd to 28th will be Tai Chi Cape Breton’s Open House
FREE Introductory Tai Chi class. Inspire your neighbors, a family member, a friend, a client, or a person on your block to come and learn a few Tai Chi moves and experience a good night’s sleep, relaxation, deep breathing, increased flexibility and strength, and mindfulness with this FREE WEEK of CLASSes!

The fall class schedule continues with the following classes being offered:
Mondays: Belle Cote Community Hall 10 -12 pm (10 Tai Chi, 11 Sabre, 11:15 Loh Kup)
Tuesdays: Judique Community Hall 7 – 8:30 pm (7 Tai Chi, 8 Sabre, 8:15 Loh Kup)
Thursdays: Dalbrae Academy Classroom in Mabou 7 – 8:30 pm (7 Tai Chi, 8 Sabre, 8:15 Loh Kup)
Fridays: Belle Cote Community Hall 10 – 11 am (Practice time for students)
Saturdays: Port Hawkesbury Civic Center Dance Studio 12 – 2 pm (12 Tai Chi, 1 Sabre, 1:15 Loh Kup)
The cost for class continues to be $45 for 4 months, with the next membership dues being collected the second week of September, for classes from September to December.

We are taking class “Back to Basics” in September and exploring the power of the moves. With a year full of special monthly themes, we are excited to be sharing with you all the simple ideas that make Tai Chi so wonderful to do every day.

How have you maintained your summer practice? What motivates you? What is your greatest gain from Tai Chi? How do you gift yourself with Tai Chi daily? How has Tai Chi strengthened you? We would love to hear your stories and your successes…. send us an email and tell us what Tai Chi has meant to you and your wellness! Please send your messages to info@dancedebut.com and Michelle will collect your thoughts for the next newsletter.

Tai Chi Wellness Investment
Michelle Greenwell, Doug and Yvonne Waines will be entering the second phase of a special DVD project that brings Wine Country Tai Chi Instructors from West Kelowna together with the Tai Chi Cape Breton Club. This special project will be filming the benefits of Tai Chi, the Seated Form and for Health Recovery. Your support of the club is making this possible by attending the upcoming workshops, inviting new members to join us at class, as well as providing input and observations from your time with the Tai Chi techniques, and for using the techniques as they have been shared with you. Stay tuned for an update in September as well as a launch of the first video in October. Michelle will be travelling to West Kelowna in October to share the launch there as well.

Grasp Bird’s Tail with Steve Barowsky
For those fortunate enough to attend the special workshop held on Monday, July 15th with Steve, we were able to explore the grace and flow of the movement: Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail from the
Yang form. We also learnt about the flow of energy through the movement of the commencement. This included: Pon – to expand, Gi – to direct, Lui – to release, and An – to settle. We will explore this theme further into the year through various moves. Hopefully everyone had the opportunity to explore the movements and practice on their own. We were so lucky to have Steve share some of his summer holidays with us. Here is a photo of the group after our delicious potluck lunch…it is about the food too!

And from our World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Celebrations at the end of April, here is the group in Port Hawkesbury…

See you on the Tai Chi Floor,
Michelle Greenwell,
Tai Chi Cape Breton
Celebrating 9 Incredible Years!

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