Shift into Wellness Synergy Summit

Hello Everyone! For those of you with tools in your toolbox from Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, Brain Gym, Qi YINtegration, and/or Raising BioEnergetic Awareness, we have a way for you to expand your skills. With my work at the Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness I have been spearheading the educational component of our tools and outreach to the public. You have seen the posts for the new book “BioEnergetic Essentials,” as well as the card decks “It’s in the Cards” and “Affirmations for the Body and BioField” series, (they are in the Dance Debut Shop if you haven’t seen them). Now you can advance your skills with a very special summit that will go across 6 months and take you on a deep dive into some very fascinating topics in bioenergetic wellness, science and research. We will be skill building, learning new protocols, engaging in community conversations and more. I am attaching the full description here. If you are interested, please consider joining in and registering now. Your registration provides you with a one year membership to CanBeWell also, and that will continue to help you grow your skills and outreach.

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