Motivation through Inspiration



Sound Bite

As I have been listening to people over the last few weeks, many have been expressing their fatigue at challenges, how fast time is going by, the wars that are not going to end, and the struggles of inflation etc. It is a trying time for sure. So, how do we navigate past these low areas in our world, to find peace, harmony, or joy every day?

It was inspiring to know that people were no longer basing their day on the news, but rather were avidly making connections with friends or neighbours and changing habits about listening to what is happening, and making things happen instead. How can we be motivated to be different, to achieve different, to view differently.

Today Charlene and I are going to talk about inspirations that make us bring the experience of humanity and our planet into our hands and into our hearts. We have an update for you with the Moyo family, and we hope you will grab a cup of tea, maybe even the Mission4Change CommuniTEA, so we are all together, supporting one another while we listen.

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