Meditation Monday with the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network

One of the passions that has filled some of my personal time is assisting with the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network.  An avid Registered Practitioner (the status achieved this year), I have been so impressed with the power of the tools and the compassion that everyone within the organization holds and shares with others.  The Network has practitioners in many hospitals across the Atlantic Provinces, and their assistance to those ill, dying, injured, healing, striving for strength and vitality is immeasurable.  As a part of this journey with TT I have become an avid believer in sharing the word as far and as wide as I can.  We all have the ability to heal and be well because of our energy towards being so.  As part of this journey, Natascha Polomski and I have created several projects to reach out to the public.  I developed a calendar of tools for people to grow with this year, and Natascha has brought the calendar to life through the Facebook page.  Meditation Monday is the first of the month and features a spoken meditation that can be enjoyed daily.  Technical Tip Tuesdays have tasks, thoughts or tools to explore to advance your skills with self-care.  Practice Group information is shared as well to get to know the resources and opportunities that are available FREE of charge.  Imagine a healing session that is FREE.  All of this you can find on the website at, or on the facebook page.  Now, in light of these incredible tools finding you today, take a few moments to sit back and relax and enjoy this wonderful meditation shared by Natascha.  For more information about Therapeutic Touch please check us out and like our facebook page so you are updated about the latest programs being launched and shared near you!

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