Linking Chakras to Tai Chi Movements

Qi YINtegration notesDSC_8858·Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chakras are a vortice field located all over the body. They use wave lengths to filter information for the body and to transform the energy into usable signals that can link to the element cycles as well as the meridians, corresponding organs, muscles and tissue. Each Chakra has a different purpose and role in assisting the body to interpret information and assist with aspects of our life as human beings. They are truly amazing marvels of our energy field.
In Qi YINtegration Set 2 we begin to learn about the different energy fields and what role they play for us, as well as how to begin to assess their status for us based on the day or the issue being explored. In Set 5 we dive deeper into the 12 Main Chakras and begin to understand the depth of the role they play for each different Chakra. From here, we have the privilege of using Tai Chi to move the body in a way that can connect with the Chakras and assist with realigning any warp or block that is keeping the Chakra from functioning at its utmost.
To explore this, using the 108 moving meditation, begin at Whip to One Side, into Fair Lady’s Shuttle, to Move Hands Like Clouds, to Whip to One Side. There is a connection of spirals that work through this whole section that oscillate through the body from one side to the other. With an intention in mind, there may be several times that the pattern needs to be practiced. There may be some disconnect on a few movements and then it will realign as you work through the moves. Using muscle testing, you can determine how many times to review the move to realign the imbalance you are working on.
Begin at whip to one side, glide back into the right leg and foot to open the back, feel the relaxation of the elbos and shoulder on the right side. Then, feel the whole left side open and turn with this lightness of being, the hands cross and the weight is transferred to the right foot while the body continues its spiral right. Drop into the right foot and place the left foot for the Tor Yu to the first corner, push from the right foot to the left and spiral from the foot up the leg through the body and out the hands. Push from the left foot, feeling the hands drop into the diamond with the fingers, the hands will cross as you work through the turn, to face the second corner. Everything is spiralling through this turn. As you finish the push out to the right, rise to cross the hands and then drop again into the right foot so you can place the left foot for the next Tor Yu to the third corner. Spiral from the right foot to the left foot and out through the body and then the hands. Then repeat the spiral turning for the last corner that reaches out to the right. Continue this flow of spirals through the next moves and into Move Hands Like Clouds.
Each Chakra has a color and a sound that goes with it. To explore this additional energy booster, you can add the sound and color while doing the exercise. This will magnify the energy shift and assist with any blocks that might be holding on for the intention you set at the beginning.
How does this work compared to tapping? Many people are using EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques to change thought patterns in the body. They are effective, but you also need to move the body. It needs to feel the coordination of itself to bring the new reality into the human body and to feel the connections. Tai Chi is that opportunity to make the connections. EFT is working with wiring and the Meridians or energy lines in the body. The Chakras are a deeper extension of rewiring that goes into the waves of information that are being filtered from the outside body to the inside body. They are also the liason area for resolving Psychological Reversal. Movement allows for a nonlanguage way to send signals that are not limited by words throughout the entire energy field.
Taking this a little further…make a picture of what you would like life to look, feel, smell, taste, sound like going forward – a sort of New Year’s resolution or manifestation. Imagine this vision of perfection in a globe with a rainbow of color over it. Keep this picture in mind while you practice the series of movements listed above for several repetitions. See what happens in life as you go forward from this time for yourself. The picture will produce changes in your life…don’t try to direct them, just notice the new things – and, many times when we change we don’t remember what once was, so you may not notice those parts of yourself that have changed, but others might notice. Be observant to how others might interact with you or words they might say. And, if you receive a compliment, thank you is a perfect response for the kinds words.

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