Kinesiogeek Magazine is here. Take a look at the articles Michelle had published in this international magazine!

Enjoy the articles on Tai Chi, animals, Muscle Testing, Color, combining art, intention and SK tools to create clocks, mats and other items for assisting with healing.  And, if you have a pet, enjoy all the tools that are possible from SK to help your pet stay healthy.  For those interested in Qi YINtegration classes, we begin our next session this week.  For those interested in Tai Chi, we have classes running 5 times a week in different locations on Route 19.  For those interested in Touch for Health, Level 1 will be in Halifax in February and in Mabou in March.  Level 3 TFH will be in MAbou or Tatamgouche in March as well.  See you soon for some great learning and growing with Self-CARE!!!

Kinesio Creatures layout

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