Introduction to Tai Chi Day 21

Introduction to Tai Chi Day 21 – The Final Installment. The Rewards of Tai Chi: Patience, Persistence, Determination, Action, Awareness, Community and a Meridian Sweep! A Review of the Foundations and the Seated and Standing Don Yu! Thanks for sharing the journey!!!

Resources:, blog posts, articles), Facebook: Qi YINtegration, The KEY to Health with Energy Medicine, Feet First System, Inverness County Happenings (website as well, local schedule of wellness classes and workshops), Books: “My Little Black Book of Energy” and “My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration Set 1”, “When Everything is Right for the Little Fairy” (muscle dance). In Cape Breton: Tai Chi Cape Breton – Port Hawkesbury, Judique, Mabou, Inverness, Belle Cote. The full schedule is at or on
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