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Announcing the Release of Michelle’s first Energy Medicine publication:
My Little Black Book of Energy

This 377 page resource has Michelle’s story of recovery from pain and movement challenges woven throughout as she explores simple and powerful tips and tools on how you can also remove the pain blocks, open up the energy in the body and bring your life to a level of rejuvenation and joy. From personal experience, Michelle has tried and tested all of these tools and found them to be the most useful exercises in her tool box of energy medicine techniques.

You can read about her Feet First System’s initial beginnings and the powerful tool that brought her back to walking and dancing again. You can experience simple stretches that release emotions and blockages in the tissue, and you can explore simple Tai Chi techniques that are excellent for energizing. She has photos, diagrams, instructions, and video footage is on its way as well.

Michelle did not follow traditional methods of referencing her material with a list at the back of the book. Instead, she has put the sources of her information and the mentors that have assisted her along this path right at your finger tips in each section. For over a decade Michelle has reached out to the masters in their fields to obtain the information she was seeking for herself and for others. In this quest Michelle has created lasting and incredible relationships with some of the finest in the Dance World, the Kinesiology Family and the Tai Chi Network.

If you have been thinking about making a few changes for your health and vitality, think about adding “My Little Black Book of Energy” to your resources. Or, if you have a friend or family member who could benefit, think about passing forward your find. Coil bound, this resource allows you to open the book to the exercise of choice and write notes, explore the pages, and watch a video online if you like. At present you can message Michelle for a copy, In the next few weeks the book will be available on her website at, and the video footage will be available shortly as well. Thinking about Christmas presents…your shopping can be done. Copies are being sold for $35 and are currently not available in stores.

My Little Black Book of Energy Release

My Little Black Book of Energy

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