Buffalo, New York – Dance Science Somatics and Education Conference

August 3, 2018 @ 9:00 am – August 5, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Buffalo University
Buffalo, New York - Dance Science Somatics and Education Conference @ Buffalo University | Buffalo | New York | United States

Making Movement Magical:  Specialized Kinesiology application in Dance


Muscle testing the body can determine what is required to warm up the body, prepare responses for action, and create a protocol to optimize time and effort.  Muscle testing can include testing a muscle to determine its ability to hold or release when challenged by different influences.  This tool provides dancers with the knowledge of patterns of movement that are not optimal for performance, and that will need to be assisted.  Using an indicator muscle, a checklist of priority actions can be created to simplify effort and maximize time.  That is, one muscle is used to acknowledge the energy available to support different movement options.  Muscle testing a muscle from each organ system can determine the flow of energy and where assistance may be needed to balance the muscles in the body.  Muscle testing is a tool that removes the guesswork out of options and needs for the body.  The use of Injury Recall Technique releases tension in tissue resulting from blocked emotions in the limbic system, endocrine system and digestive system, to name a few results.  Flexibility and strength can be easily adjusted with this technique both before and after dancing.  The Feet First System foot rub set 1 stimulates the Gait reflexes, meridians, muscle, fascia, tendon, ligaments, and shock absorbers.  The Meridian dance opens the electrical flow through the body as each meridian is traced in a flow from one system to the next.  This action can also coordinate with whole body movement to link tissue within the body, as well as brain/body connections, and muscle strength and coordination.  The use of Switches to coordinate the planes of the body create a synergy of movement front to back, side to side, up and down.  Spinal Flush stimulates the flow of lymph as well as primes the spinal reflex points to optimize the flexibility and integrity of the spine.  The coordination of the Cloacals and Hyoid bone bring a synergy to the central balancing system as movement focuses the integration of planes in movement with direction of movement and the central nervous system.  Finishing with Cook’s Hook-ups and Intention links the energy flow through the body and provides the opportunity for reflection, vision and acceptance of possibility prior to dancing.  By providing a framework of activity for dancers, Michelle’s understanding of the needs of dancers, opens a new dialogue in initial warmups, patterns of movement and movement challenges.  The use of muscle testing provides insight that otherwise is reserved for opinion and preferences when assuming what the body needs.  Providing knowledge from the Applied/Specialized Kinesiology work of Dr. John Thie, Dr. Sheldon Deal, Dr. Walter Schmidt, Dr. Wayne Topping, Dr. Matthew Thie, Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, and more, Michelle is creating dialogue for a new kind of synergy in the body optimizing function and expression.

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