Dance Debut Inc Expands Outreach to Entrepreneurs

Dance Debut Inc is launching a Beta Project for Courageous Entrepreneurs

The time has arrived. Those of you who have been following Dance Debut Inc for many years have been waiting to hear what new project I have gotten myself into this time!

Entrepreneurs, my passion for well-being and supporting goals and dreams are focused on you. As an Allstar Entrepreneur these last couple of years, you have put your best self forward in ways you likely never imagined. You have championed the pandemic, pivoted, and created to be what your patrons require. You have weathered sick days and down days like a true champion. I have been watching and I have witnessed the toll the stress has taken on your body, mind, and spirit. Here are some of the observations that you may be aware of to show the stress your body has been under:

When we are stressed, our breathing becomes shallower, our posture begins to stoop, our strength becomes weak, and our joints stiffen. We may have headaches, sore feet, eye strain, and chaotic or repetitive thoughts. We begin to move less and try to rest with no movement as a solution we term “pampering” or “relaxation.” It is really starving. We are starving ourselves of the nourishment that feeds our structure, our mental well-being, our emotional engagement, our nutrition, and our spiritual growth. It is a multidimensional challenge that we try to fix with caffeine, sugar, sedentary choices, long hours at a screen, and less connection with others. And most of all, we don’t realize what we are doing. We no longer recognize the signs of stress, challenge, or neglect.

I aim to use my skills as a dance studio owner who offered classes to many families of all ages, to repurpose those skills for entrepreneurs who may not have listened to their bodies. I will be offering some of the best tools in the bioenergetic wellness industry that don’t require a machine, a clinician, or a certification to use – just plain energetic restructuring to bring balance and flow to the body through simple movement patterns from Tai Chi, dance, or reflex integration. This will be accompanied by energy activities to bring flow and balance to the systems in the body that are simple, profound, and fit into your busy schedule with no additional supplies required.

My focus is to realign entrepreneurs with the signals from their bodies about their well-being and create a link to understand what that means for the success of their business and the effort into running their business. This can include working with staff, colleagues, and other entrepreneurs.

We could engage in one-on-one sessions to put the pieces back together and this can be powerful and expensive. But, before we look at that option, I want to share a special opportunity with you. I wish to empower you with the knowledge of the innate healing potential you possess, as well as the best way to regain your health, well-being, and business focus. I want to create the space for you to be inspired by a group of people ready to support your goals and dreams as you support theirs. In a community setting, we can begin the ultimate transformation and expand your love for business, and the passion for living with vitality back into your heart and into your well-being.

What is this program with the perfect timing to start 2023 with the best intentions for an exceptional year? It is called “Balancing Business” and its focus is on Entrepreneurs desiring an energetic connection to their business that creates vitality and well-being personally and professionally. The final version of the course will sell for $ 997 USD and will be available in the spring of 2023.

I am currently looking for a team to get in on the ground floor that will be the foundation members of the program. They will have a front-row seat to the best product I can bring forward after all my years of studying and finally graduating with my Doctoral degree in Complementary and Integrative Health. This team will be able to join in for the exceptional and exclusive offer of $ 497 USD. This is a special offer that will not be available again.

In exchange for the lowest price ever for the program, I invite you to participate by providing feedback and testimonials and to be a part of special gatherings to exchange and experience the latest resources in relation to the program. You will be my eyes and ears of success and revamping and will have that front-row seat going forward with the program. That means you will continue to be a participant in the program for years to come and will be able to grow along with the program. You will receive bonus materials, additional resources, connections, and collaborations with more entrepreneurs. It is the perfect place to grow your personal and professional skills in a loving and supportive environment.

If this project sounds like something that could change the way you do business, and support your wellness goals for 2023, please email me at and put “I’m in” in the Subject line. If you have a few ideas or if I have resonated with some of your pain points, please let me know in the body of the email. I will begin the email sequence that will highlight aspects of the program, invite you to the workshop launch on January 10th, and get you the link for the 6-week series to change your life as an entrepreneur.

Why choose this program?
 Burnout
 Poor posture
 Tension
 Tension Headaches
 Working through lunch and breaks
 Feeling never caught up
 No longer feeling the desire to celebrate business
 Anxiety
 Stress
 Sleep Challenges
 No long-term goals
 Feeling Stuck (and it is staying in a loop)
 Craving connections with other entrepreneurs in a similar situation
 Ready for 2023 to be different!

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