Brush Knees Video Premiers Today

Brush knees is a fantastic movement that coordinates the dimensions of movement: Front to Back, Side to Side, Up and Down. It also has a spiral action that engages tendon and muscle to release blocked emotions. The spiral of all the tissue is able to wash the bone, move the blood, release toxins with the lymph and more. Metaphorically, brush knees can assist with moving forward into your future, looking around to embrace all aspects of a goal or a vision, and to open up for new opportunities.

In BioEnergetic Wellness we can use the Body Pendulum to determine how many brush needs are needed for a goal, which direction to face, how slow to go, what color can enhance the move, what sound can accompany the move, and which part of the movement sequence is most important. This fine tuning into the movement can create efficient ways to motivate change and create a free flow to action.

Enjoy playing with Brush Knees and create a solid vision for 2020.

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