Brush Knees and Ward Off Monkey with Intentions

Two of my favorite moves with Intention. Many people set off for an adventure without a road map, compass or a goal in mind. This wandering can be fun for a while and the experience gained can be wonderful. But, at the end of the time on the journey, if one did not reach their destination then they may feel let down. How can you avoid this dissapointment?

Intention!!! Intention is setting in motion the final outcome you hope to achieve or experience. This could be: “I easily and joyfully learn new Tai Chi movements”. As you work through the moves, like brush knees and ward off monkey, you can stumble in motion. That is, if there is a block somewhere with the intention, it will show up in the movement. It might be a challenge coordinating the hands, it might be a glitch in memory, it might be holding the breath. Once the action becomes comfortable you have processed towards your intended goal. “I easily and joyfully learn new Tai Chi movements.”

Life can be the same. You can set your goal and begin an action plan. It may have some bumps and challenges as you work through the blockages that come your way, but you will find the flow that allows you to bring everything through to the successful outcome you were hoping for.

So, now that you have a different appreciation for the movements and their intented outcomes, reconsider your goal setting, your vision mapping, your ideal opportunities.

Happy Tai Chi’ing!

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