Be Well with Michelle Greenwell Podcast highlights fiddler Colin MacLeod

Travelling inside the musical structure we explore how this affects the spine and mobility.

If you love fiddle music, and you are interested in creating the opportunity for you to move and feel better through the spine, then this episode will WOW you! Combining intention, tea, the vertebra in the spine with Colin MacLeod’s incredible talent to bring the power of the musical structure forward through his fiddle playing, you will have a new appreciation for music and your well-being. Intrigued? We were so excited to bring this episode forward and to play with music and movement with intention to empower our listeners to recognize how their body could change. It is an experiential episode that you won’t want to miss any details of. Make a cup of tea, and relax, as we take you on a movement journey that will have you feeling rested and rejuvenated when we are done.



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Here is the information from the podcast and vodcast sources:

Colin MacLeod has a way of playing his fiddle that takes you inside the structure of the tune to where the body, mind and spirit can be fully engaged to experience the frequencies of each note. Sounds a little ominous doesn’t it? Join us for this special episode as we explore the spiritual aspects of the spine through the Body and BioField Affirmation deck published by Michelle Greenwell and Tanya Levy. We choose three points on the spine, and Colin chooses tunes to match those points, and the magic begins to happen to your movement and your body’s state of relaxation.

Colin MacLeod has been playing fiddle since he was 7 years old. Also known as the Celtic Fiddle Guru, he is originally from Scotland. Colin, a Celtic fiddle player with over 40 years experience, has achieved Grade 8 Violin Distinction, played in Celtic bands in Australia, and has run Celtic fiddle workshops in Scotland, Australia, and the United States since 2007. He now regularly performs and teaches, both in person and online, more recently in Europe, Australia, and the USA. He has also pursued a career in accounting, and has created a unique perspective to living fully with both logic and creativity melded through his music. You can find Colin at, on Facebook at, on Instagram at and on YouTube at

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