Why Is Preschool Tap Dance So Important For My Child?

Where should we begin and what style of dance would be most beneficial?

The foremost style of dance that will begin this pattern development is TAP dancing. When a child’s foot touches the floor in different rhythmic patterns they are able to stimulate basic reflexes in the body which set permanent movement patterns later in life, while the rhythmic nature of the movement begins the brain integration pattern development.

For example, a “paddle and roll” or “paradiddle” is a simple warm up we have nicknamed “peanut butter” or “watermelon” as the child digs his heel into the floor, brushes the ball of the foot back, steps on the ball of the foot and then drops the heel to the floor. This dance pattern stimulates the bodies reflexes for grounding, centering, stability and balance.

Why is preschool TAP DANCE so important to my child

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