2021 Traditional Chinese Medicine World Congress

Of all the audiences I have performed or presented for, this is by far the largest. With over 50,000 people watching last night, I shared my passion for using intention with the movements from Tai Chi. The synergy of my Touch for Health tools with my Tai Chi practice has been one of the greatest delights in reaching out with wellness tools, especially during this pandemic. I hope you will join me on Fridays in the coming weeks to learn more, or visit my YouTube channel to catch the recordings. I was amazed at the energy that came through that call. Commencement floated like never before. What a truly gifted event to be a part of. #taichi#taichiwellness#bioenergeticwellness#wellness#WorldTaiChiAndQigongDay#canbewell#StrongerTogether

Learning from the Allegorical Journey created by Gerda Geddes has been such a gift. Every day with Tai Chi is a beautiful set of poetry to move through. Consider how Tai Chi may be able to support you through this pandemic and beyond.

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