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Dance Debut is run by Michelle Greenwell, a consultant, examiner, adjudicator, workshop facilitator, Touch for Health and Tai Chi Instructor, and a movement specialist.

From her home base in Cape Breton, she provides a great variety of dance and body-wellness classes, workshops, seminars and even home parties.

Check the Services section for all of the classes and workshops on offer.

All active workshops, classes and performances can be found via the On Now button.

What’s Up

  • Touch for Health Level 1 – Aug 16 and 17

    If you have been wanting to start your journey with balancing the muscles in the body, learning about understanding nutrition for your body, de-stressing with simple techniques and having simple pain techniques ready in your back pocket, then this class is for you. Level 1 Touch for Health – Saturday, Aug 16, and Sunday, Aug Continue Reading

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  • Looking for some testimonials!!!

    Hello followers! I am collecting testimonials from people who have been using my Foot Rub protocol to help with pain, fatigue, flexibility, energy and more. If you have a story to share I would love to include it in my revamped program getting ready to launch! Please send it in a message and thanks for Continue Reading

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  • Everyone’s a Winner! The Masgutova Method for Challenges

    This arrived in my inbox today. I had the privilege of being the dance specialist for the MNRI camp in Vancouver several years ago. The miracles happening for challenged children were amazing. Please have a look at this video – right through to the end, and if you know someone who could benefit, please pass Continue Reading

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  • Tibetan Figure 8 Pattern in the Set

    Figure 8 patterns of energy exist around and through our body. Practicing the 108 moves with a Figure 8 in mind creates a different flow of movement to the set and enhances the energy created by the coordinated energy flow. This flow happens both internally and externally and does not need to be exaggerated, just Continue Reading

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  • Sitting Qi Gong Meditation

    Sitting Meditation for Qi Cong Thanks to the World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day organizer Bill Douglas for sharing this. Have a look at their website for information and research about the power of using Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

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